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Our proxies are consistently ranked as some of the fastest available on the market. Our datacenter speeds can hit as low 50ms on Shopify. With our residential proxies speeds looking just as top notch, entering your accounts on Nike is a breeze, and getting carts on Adidas is no issue.


Some providers are using the dated practice of sending files via email. Our process is fully automated. Upon payment confirmation your account is created, log in details delivered and IPs are ready to use. All you have to do is login our client dashboard to access your IPs, discord invite and key.


As a single source provider, we offer both Residential and Data Center IPs. We support most locales on our residential ip network. If your locale is not listed, simply open a support ticket requesting your addition. Our Data Center infrastructures are strategically place in Reston, VA, Chicago, IL and New York, NY. One provider, multiple solutions all easily managed from our user friendly client dashboard.


We offer comparable proxies, at a fraction of the cost of other competitors. With some of the lowest prices around, and multiple plans, something will be sure to meet your needs.


Customers get to enjoy 99% uptime across all of our proxy servers, which we monitor closely to catch potential issues right away. Our infrastructure is based on dedicated servers with 1GBPS providing consistent performance no matter the load.


All users are granted access to our Surge Discord, where we have multiple staff members ready to assist you, at any time, for your convenience. Furthermore, your plan is complemented with our useful tools such as site monitors (Shopify, Adidas, Snkrs and Supreme), Sitelists and one of the smartest tool bots available.


Proxy Tester

We like taking care of our customers so we made sure your proxies are working with the help of our
Proxy Tester, for free.

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Download on


frequently asked questions

1. Are proxies user:password or IP authenticated?

All of our IP solutions are user:pass authenticated. No need to waste time authenticating your IP, just copy your IPs from our client dashboard and paste them into your bot.

2. Do you offer refunds, exchanges or warranties?

Due to the nature of being a digital service we do not offer any refunds or exchanges. Additionally, no warranties are expressed in writing or verbally.

3. What is GB with regards to the "residential plans"?

Residential plans are sold in the same manner as cellular data plans. GB is the allotted bandwidth you have to consume within 30 days. Any remaining bandwidth after 30 days is lost. If you consume your purchased bandwidth prior to the 30 day period, your plan is deactivated, you can purchase additional bandwidth at that time.

4. How many IPs will I receive with my Residential Plan?

We are not an unlimited provider. In order to provide a perfectly balanced system and high user/success ratio we restrict the number of IPs a user will have access to. The quantity varies based on release and load expectations.

5. Are Surge's proxy plans subscription based ?

No, you will not be auto-billed monthly. You will have to renew your plan prior to expiration to take advantage of our "reoccurring" client discounts. For data center IPs, renewing allows you to keep your original IPs. If you would like to refresh your IPs, please open a support ticket, if stock is available your request will be accommodated.